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Our Story

Arielle and Phillip

Phillip met Arielle for the first time in 2010 at BSU in a Ballroom Dance Class. Over time Phillip and Arielle would constantly run into each other in the dance Community until the official dance connection happened 4 years later at a Major dance event. Arielle wanting to see were this possible relationship could go, ran up to Phillip and asked for his number and they have now been dancing together for over 8 years and currently married for over 4 of those wonderful years.
With their love for dance they have made one of their dreams come true with their own ballroom dance studio. Arielle and Phillip would love to show you how much ballroom dancing can complete a need in your heart and soul.

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All About Our Ballroom Studio

Dance Better. Live Better. With Arielle Burnett and Phillip Weyerman

Our Ballroom Dance Studio is truly one of a kind. From our unique atmosphere to upbeat personality, everything is carefully thought out in order to give our dancers the best possible experience.

Come learn with the best at Dare 2 Dream Dance Studio. All of our ballroom dance instructors are personable and fully certified to teach ballroom dancing at all levels. Whether your focus is technique, flexibility or you’re just looking for a new way to work out and meet people, you can find it here. Explore our site for more information, and feel free to reach out with questions.

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